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going to lj for a while.

same username. figure out the rest yourself.

the yellow is too addictive, i hope i blog happier things there.



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lj cuts are good. because i haven’t figured out how to do a wordpresscut yet.

you might not want to read the part below the asterisk, it’s a lot of crap and not much else.

sources =/= saucers

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when i look at a word too long it starts looking like it’s spelled wrong.

friend friend friend friend friend friend friend friend friend

sources sources sources sources sources sources sources


i can’t make shape or form
of this new emotion

i need a drive up san francisco bay
and i’d write this song on the way
i’m not sure i belong here anyway
she thinks that i’ve already gone away, gone away

through toledo/greg laswell

the butterfly and the hummingbird

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dance made of awesome. i am quite sure it does not fit the style which it is supposed to be (Jazz) but it is beautiful anyway please watch it.

holy crap hady mirza and the Shine for Singapore song is playing on TV now why why why

rgs girls collapse from exhaustion outside bugis on the verge of a mental breakdown

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bao and sam and i went to triple d at bugis and at the prospect of walking through horrifically crowded bugis street and crossing the many roads under the very bright sun, i suggested we might just lie down and sleep on the floor outside Topshop. and then we came up with an awesome headline but sam thinks they wouldn’t waste so much space on us.

my random giftcard from topshop has $5 in it.

i wonder how it feels to love the same person and never stop ever. how do you not get sick of a person? i am probably sick of myself.

when i went to bugis today to collect the cross-processed lomo xpro 100 film (which turned out awesome i will show an icon made from a picture later) the train back to jurong east smelled of Seoul Garden. no kidding.

i need to do a bajillion FAs but somehow my brain cannot prioritise properly and my head got chewed off today during violin lesson because i did not practise and then i got home all intending to do my bajillion FAs and instead i played guitar.

the calluses i get from guitar make pressing violin strings a bit difficult. somehow i can’t press as hard as i did before the guitar calluses. v strange. and also i can’t help questioning myself if i really really do not like the songs i’m re-playing for re-taking the ATCL or if i just don’t want to put that effort into making myself play them well so i can enjoy them.

eg. i played the Bruch concerto one lesson and i liked it so much that i went home to practise it and i listened to the CD a million times and i thought it was better but then my violin teacher picked out a lot of points that i did wrong and she said that if that was what came out of my practising i might as well not practise or listen to the CD. and then after that i haven’t touched the Bruch concerto since then. nor listened to it.

i just keep playing the guitar and murdering my fingers and growing 9786543 layers of dead skin on them. and when my cousin said my strumming looks awkward i sat in front of the mirror and strummed until i thought it looked like how everyone else does it. and i made myself practise spontaneous song-writing by… spontaneous song-writing.

when was the last time that i saw your face
when i wake up i cannot find my place
lost in space i drift towards the morning light
our love comes and goes tonight, tonight

quite clearly,

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the internet is for porn.

rjc =/= ri

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1. ms lee tells us that rjc and ri are merging and we will be going to RI when we graduate
2. i do not want to be in the same school as sec1 boys who still fix their wallets on bouncy chains
3. high waisted shorts are not to be worn by boys and especially not as part of your school uniform and for the record, they never go with knee socks (unless you live in Japan)
4. in 30 Reasons Brandon who played the guy who liked the girl’s voice has a pretty darn awesome voice, himself.
5. i have no money.
6. $7 buys you ~40 photocopies at Lee Kong Chian Reference Library
7. (6) is clearly a plot by the NLB to steal unsuspecting students’ money
8. they say 8 is a lucky number; i hope i wake up on time tomorrow